KRSD Foundation brings opportunities of online quiz contests to win Exciting Prizes to mark its 11th Annual Road Safety Conference 2022 on the 23rd of September 2022. The Foundation is instituting an Online Quiz Contest with the objective of promoting awareness among the general public about the Political Declaration of the High-Level Meeting on Improving Global Road Safety adopted on 30 June and 1 July 2022 at the United Nations Building, New York.

Registration deadline: 9th September 2022

The KRSD 11th Annual Conference 2022 seeks to incentivize the diffusion of this UN Political Declaration on Road Safety among its volunteers and the general public in Nigeria. However, this quiz contest calls for the attention of the general public for taking an interest to know more about global road safety and development.

Who can participate: The planning committee solicits participation in this quiz contest available for both KRSD volunteers and the general public. All contestants should register as a delegate to attend the 2022 Virtual KRSD Conference. As such, this quiz contest is open to all the registered delegates of the Conference (irrespective of the state). However, the organizing members of the 2022 KRSD Annual Conference are not eligible to appear in this quiz contest (to avoid conflicts of interest).

Please check the results here:

Procedure: After registration for the quiz contest, a link will be sent to the email address you provided during registration, and your phone number will be used to gain access to the quiz contest. Subsequently, the quizzes (via the KRSD website) will be started with a maximum of 65 single-choice type questions (All taken from the UN June 2022 Political Declaration on Road Safety). A time limit of 10 minutes can be given to submit the quizzes. Final submission of the quizzes (by clicking on the submit button) is mandatory before the time ends; otherwise, given answers will not be recorded. Eventually, the names of the top 10 contestants (having the maximum score with a minimum time for submission) will be announced for the prizes.


  1. Each phone number will be matched with each registered contestant’s name, hence, no other person can log in with the same number.
  2. The phone number can only be used once by the contestant.
  3. It is advisable to read and understand the Political Declaration of the High-Level Meeting on Improving Global Road Safety before taking the quiz.