KRSD calls for a 30km/h speed limit on Tundun Wada road, Jos, Plateau State during the UN Global Road Safety Week #streets4life #love30.

Teacher and Pupils of LEA Science Primary School, Tundun Wada, Jos, Plateau State.

“Low-speed streets save lives and are the heart of any community. 30 km/h (20 mph) speed limits where people and traffic mix make for streets that are healthy, green, and liveable, in other words, streets for life”

Acting General Manager, Jos Metropolitan Development Board endorses 30km/hr Speed limit

“We’re calling on policymakers to act for low-speed streets worldwide, limiting speeds to 30 km/h (20 mph) where people walk, live, and play”

KRSD volunteers helping School Children to cross safely

The Program Manager, Ayomide Akinpelu stated that the safety of school children and other pedestrians alike on the road is non-negotiable. We assessed two data points along the road using the Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) an evidence-based tool for measuring, managing, and communicating the risk children are exposed to on a journey to school. It supports quick interventions that save lives and prevent serious injuries from day one.

Vehicle Flow using Star Rating for Schools

During the week KRSD team visited the District Head of the Tundun Wada community and the Parent-Teacher Association of LEA Science Primary School Tundun Wada.

Tundun Wada District Head and Teacher signing the 30km/h commitment banner

According to the District head, the road has claimed many lives of pedestrians and there is a need for urgent road safety intervention. He urged the parents to slow down for school children and obey the 30km/h speed limit.