Motivational speaker advises Nigerians to be road safety conscious

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Abuja, Sept. 24, 2014 (NAN) Dr Lemmy Omoyinmi, a motivational and entrepreneurship speaker, has  said that  road safety is a collective responsibility and called all Nigerians to be road safety conscious.

Omoyinmi, who was a guest speaker at the third edition of the Annual Kwapda’as Road Safety Demand (KRSD) International Conference, which dwelt on “Safe Road and Road Users”.

The conference, held in Abuja on Tuesday, was organised by KRSD Trust Fund in memory of the late Kwapda’as Dongban, who died on Sept. 23, 2011 in a road accident.

Kwapda’as was the first son of HRH David and Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem of the Court of Appeal, Abuja.

Kwapda’as was knocked down in Jos by a hit and run driver and left on the road where he bled to death.

Omoyinmi said that there were three elements which must be considered in road safety which was  one of the most crucial aspects of life.

According to him, road safety is crucial for both the regulators and the end users.

He said that as enforcers, a road safety official must learn to use the authority given him in a way that would  ensure the advancement of society.

“There are officers who immediately they put on their uniforms take on a different personality entirely because power has been bestowed on them.

“Road safety enforcers as well as the end users must learn to apply force appropriately and have an exact understanding of the reason why we are all breathing today and not dead.

“We are breathing to make a difference, we are breathing to make a contribution,’’ he said.

Omoyinmi urged Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of brotherly love and volunteerism as well as collaborators with road safety corps to help in times of emergency.

“We need to come out of this self-centredness of people who will see a person like our brother Kwapda’as who we are remembering today,bleeding to death and simply feel disconnected.

“If we can heal ourselves of this disconnect and ignite an emotional connection such that when we see someone bleeding you feel it is a part of you, then that can exert a behavioural response.’’

The Minister of Water Resources, Mrs Sarah Ochekpe, was represented by Prof. Dimis Mailafia on the occasion, while Dr Hajo Sani, a former Minister of Women Affairs, was represented by Mrs Evelyn Onyilo, and FRSC Corps Marshal, Boboi Oyeyemi, was represented by Zaki Shehu, an Assistant Corps Marshal. (NAN)


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